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Academics & Curriculum

grad        UC CSU Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete 220 (210 for Class of 23 and 24) credits to earn their high school diploma. These include individual subject requirements. Students will earn 5 credits per semester per class with a passing grade of A, B, C, or D.   
Classes where students receive a grade of “F” must be repeated in order to earn the credits needed to graduate and earn a diploma.
Graduation requirements by subject:
  • 4 years English
  • 3 years Mathematics (to include Algebra I)
  • 2 years Science (one life and one physical)
  • 3 years Social Science
  • 1 year Fine Art or World Language or CTE
  • 2 years Physical Education
  • In addition to...
  • 5 credits Health 
  • 65 Elective Credits 
*Due to COVID19, the district adjusted graduation total credit requirements temporarily for class of  2023 and 2024 to a minimum of 210 credits.  

A-G UC/CSU Requirements

High school graduation requirements are NOT the same as college admission requirements 
UC & CSU minimum requirements: 
a  -  History/Social Science- 2 years
b  -  English- 4 years
c  -  Math- 3 years (Algebra I and II, Geometry)       
d  -  Lab Science- 2 years (1 year physical, 1 year biological)
e  -  Foreign Language- 2  years (3 strongly recommended)
f  -  Visual Performing Art- 1 year
g  -  College Prep Elective- 1 year
(electives must be chosen from any approved “a-f” course
Minimum GPA in order to apply:        
  2.0 for CSU
  3.0 for UC
 **Students must earn a “C” or higher in ALL “a-g” courses.**   

College Entrance Testing Requirements

College Entrance Tests vary by university.  It is recommended that families contact schools directly to find most up-to-date information.  
Here is a list from with a list of schools that are test-optional or test-free. 

San Clemente HS Academics

GPA Calculations

Semester grade point averages will be computed using the numerical value listed below . Grades earned in Advanced Placement, IB  and Honors classes will be computed using a "weighted" value. Accelerated courses do not carry a weighted grade. Physical education classes are not counted in the computation of the Academic GPA with the exception of determining eligibility.
Regular or Standard College Prep Courses
Advanced Placement, IB or Honors Courses
A = 4 grade points assigned
A = 5 grade points assigned
B = 3 grade points assigned
B = 4 grade points assigned
C = 2 grade points assigned
C = 3 grade points assigned
D = 1 grade points assigned
D = 1 grade point assigned
F = 0 grade points assigned
F = 0 grade points assigned