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Principal's Message

Dear Triton Families,
It is an honor to be the principal of San Clemente High School.  Our high school has a rich history of academic, athletic and artistic success which dates back over sixty years.  We are truly one of the last small town high schools left in Southern California.  Many of our families, faculty, and staff are alumni, which instills a deep sense of belonging to our school.  Our students and community embrace our motto, “One Town – One Team.”  I look forward to working with our school community to continue our tradition of excellence.
It is essential that our community is aware of the instructional emphasis that underscores everything we do as a school.  Our school-wide points of focus provide a vision as we continue our pursuit of academic, athletic and artistic excellence.  Our three key areas are:  academic achievement, professional development and collaboration, and community and culture. 
  • Academic Achievement: Our teachers will focus on integrating instructional strategies centered on increased student learning.  Our program will provide access for all students to find success in the classroom.  Lessons will integrate skills that prepare students for college and career.  Our goal is to use our instructional minutes effectively so that we achieve maximum educational benefit. 
  • Professional Development:  Our emphasis is shifting from teaching to learning.  Everything that we do in the classroom must be geared toward student success.  This shift is accomplished when teachers work collaboratively to use evidence of student learning to guide their instructional practices.  Allowing our teachers time to plan, create, and reflect together will enhance our program and provide for an academic environment that is focused on continual improvement.
  • Community and Culture:  It is vital that we carry on the positive traditions which exist at this incredible school.  We will continue to celebrate our activities, athletics and the arts.  The connection to our school and programs is enhanced through effective school- to- home communication.  Our goal is to provide parents and students with useful and timely information so that they are able to take advantage of all of the opportunities available at San Clemente High School. 
With a focus on these three specific areas, we can provide a successful and rewarding educational experience for ALL of our students. Together, we will make this year the best year yet. 
Go Tritons!
Chris Carter