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Parking Permits

We are no longer selling parking permits.  both lower and upper campus parking lots are sold out as of 1/19/2023.
Lower Parking is sold out.  Upper parking is available for $60/$50 with ASB. 
Once all paperwork has been reviewed, the student will receive a call slip so that they can pay at the ASB window.  Online payment is no longer available.
Your GDL Certificate will look like this:
GDL Certificate
Students that have never had a parking permit at San Clemente High School must complete the Impact Teen Drivers Learning Module.  A screenshot of the email  verification (Student Name Must Be Clearly Visible) will be needed for your Parking Permit Application.
Please be aware that in order to receive the confirmation of completion, you will need to fill out the survery at the end of the presentation.  FILLING OUT THE SURVEY IS THE ONLY WAY TO VERIFY THAT YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE MODULE. 
Once you complete the survey, you will receive an email from  Please check your junk email if you completed the survey and didn't receive an email.


The Parking Permit Application is available HERE.  Please note that Juniors must have their applications submitted by August 2nd in order to be considered for the Junior Lottery.