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24-Hour Attendance line (949) 492-8537 or email



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San Clemente High School
Attendance Procedures
SCHS is a Closed Campus
Students leaving campus, regardless of the reason, are required to pick up an Off-Campus Pass at the Attendance Office.  Students, 9 – 12th graders, may not leave campus during school hours, including lunch and tutorial, for any reason.  Parents are expected to follow SCHS’ closed campus policy and not pick up students before first notifying at the Attendance Office staff.   Students who leave without an Off-Campus Pass will be subject to disciplinary actions.
Clearing Absences
Regular attendance at school is critical to the success of all students.  Please contact the school on the day of the student’s absence by emailing or calling either our 24-Hour Attendance line (949) 492-8537 or email, and provide the following information:
  • The date(s) of the absence
  • The person calling (name and relationship to the student)
  • Your child’s full name
  • The reason for the absence must be clearly stated.
An automated phone message is sent out by 11:00am, on the day of the absence, if the absence has not been cleared by parents.   Parents will receive two phone messages and two emails within 72 hours as reminders to clear their child’s absence.  Absences not cleared after 72 hours become Truancies.   Students with truancies will be assigned Saturday School.   Parents are urged to call the 24-Hour Attendance line (949) 492-8537 or e-mail the Attendance Office staff.
Excused Absences may include: illness, medical or dental appointments, death or serious illness in immediate family, religious holidays, quarantine, or immunization exclusion. 
Truants/Unexcused Absences: Students who are on campus but miss their assigned class without permission from school staff are considered truant.  Students who are more than 30 minutes late, without a written doctor’s note are considered truant, per California Ed. Code.  Students who leave campus, stay home without permission from a parent/guardian, or have an absence that remains unexcused after 72 hours, will be considered truant from school. Students with truancies on their attendance record are subject to disciplinary actions.
**Note: Unexcused absences and truancies impact students’ ability to make-up classwork, homework, and/or tests/quizzes. 
Students are tardy when they are not seated, in class, before the tardy bell rings to begin class.  Students who arrive late to class create a disruption of the learning environment, regardless of the reason.  All tardies within the first 30 minutes of the start of the school day are unexcusedregardless of the reason.  Parents cannot excuse a tardy. Classroom teachers record tardies less than 30 minutes.  Students arriving more than 30 minutes late must report to the Attendance Office and receive a pass to be admitted in class.  Tardies more than 30 minutes late are only excused with proof of doctor’s appointment; otherwise, it will be considered a truancy-tardy, per California Education Code.
Leaving Campus Early
If a student needs to leave campus early, a parent/guardian must notify the Attendance Office by phone or email prior to the beginning of class.  Students are responsible for picking up an Off-Campus Pass at the Attendance Office before they leave school. If this procedure is not followed, the absence will not be cleared and the student is considered truant.
  • SCHS staff will not interrupt classroom instruction, at the request of parents, in order for students to leave campus early.  Please make prior arrangements with your child.
  • Students who are feeling ill must ask their teacher for a pass to the Health Office. The Nurse will notify the parent/guardian.   
  • Students must check-out at the Attendance Office before leaving campus, for any reason.
Independent Study Contracts  (ISC):
Our office will need at least two weeks advance notice if a student wishes to use Independent Study Contracts.  Independent Study Contracts will not be issued the first two weeks of a semester, the last week of a school year, or during final exams.  Please plan accordingly.
These contracts are for students planning on missing regular instruction time for a period of 5 – 10 days due to an extended absence, for reasons other than illness.   To request an ISC, please contact the Attendance Office staff  at least 10 school days prior to the first day of absence, so that the request can be reviewed, and if approved, contracts will be organized. This process helps students keep up with school work, but there is no substitute for teacher instruction and class interaction.  Please schedule vacations appropriately.
ID Cards
Students must carry their school ID cards at all times. Students who are permitted to leave campus early, due to their class schedule, must have the appropriate sticker on their ID card. If a student has forgotten or misplaced their ID card, they may only leave campus if a parent/guardian calls to excuse them.  Replacement ID cards are available for a fee at the Activities Office.