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Hands holding a green earth
At San Clemente High School we prepare our students to think critically, generate investigations, and design solutions to questions using supportive evidence.  All courses are aligned with NGSS and additional content requirements per course such as IB, AP, and AVID. Our courses inspire and engage students through hand on labs, resume science skills development, career and college connections,  and field trip investigations to locations such as Catalina, Yosemite, San Mateo Watershed, Crystal Cove, University of Health Sciences, and SC Water Department.  We strive to inspire students to be researchers and scientists outside the classroom and maintain connections and networking between our current students and the science student alumni in their college and their careers.  We support all students needs with in up to 4 years of science with a variety of engaging, purposeful and exciting courses listed below in the science pathways and course description links below


Science placement guidelines