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At San Clemente, the English curriculum focuses on reading, writing, speaking, listening, language, and critical thinking. All students take four years of English.  Students master a variety of 21st-century skills and standards to exhibit their increasing fullness and capacities of a literate individual. All instruction is aligned with the California Common Core State Standards and is designed to prepare students for the rigors of college and career. Instruction seeks to prepare students for success both in high school and in life beyond.


Courses by grade level
SCHS courses

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* = Meets UC/CSU "b" requirement     
+ = CUSD Honors Weight     
# = UC Honors Weight
  • English I (*)
  • Honors English I (*+#)
  • English II (*)
  • Honors English II (*+#)
  • English III (*)
  • AP Language/Comp (*+#)
  • ERWC (*)
  • AP Literature/Comp (*+#)
  • IB Literature/Comp  (*+#)