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Troubleshooting Team

Each year the ATPA trains a team of automotive technical troubleshooters. Participation on this team is strictly on a volunteer basis and is considered an extra curricular activity.  Since participation is considered "extra curricular" it will have no effect on the students' classroom academic grade.  As a team member, all troubleshooters are required to maintain the following criteria to stay eligible for competition:
  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Have no outstanding "F" grades
  • Maintain an "S" minimum in citizenship is all classes
  • Maintain no suspension or expulsion from SCHS
  • Be available for all after or before school practices (may include some weekends)
  • Be available to travel out-of-state (at no cost to the student)
Students not maintaining all criteria as stated above, at all times will be declared ineligible and will be dismissed from the team.  Any student who is dismissed from the troubleshooting will be replaced by the next highest qualifier on the written qualification examination. Students tryout for the troubleshooting team by completing the SCHS qualification examination.  The examination is 50 ASSE-type, multiple choice questions and covers all topics of the automobile except body repair.  Students participate in troubleshooting contests by first competing on written examinations.  The top two qualifiers then advance to the "hands-on" portion of the competition where they will diagnose, locate, and repair faults that have been placed in a new vehicle.  Students who repair the faults in accordance with the rules with the highest level of accuracy will "place" in the finals accordingly.  Students who have placed in the "finals" in any of the competitions have found the rewards great.  In the past, students have been awarded certificates, trophies, jackets and shirts, tools, scholarships, and all expense paid trips to places like New York City and Washington,D.C.  Some students in the past have earned as much as $20,000.00 in scholarship money. Competition for a place on the San Clemente High School Auto troubleshooting Team is very great.  Students desiring to be on the team are encouraged to study hard and maintain a good standing in the academy.  You will be competing against the best automotive students throughout the county, state and nation.