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Student Responsibilities

ATPA students are exposed to a wide range of opportunities, from the occupational training needed for entry-level employment to preparation for college entrance (A-G requirements, SAT/ACT, AP Courses, etc.).  In order for academy students to maintain academy eligibility they must complete or continually maintain the following standards:
  • Maintain a current, signed Academy Behavioral Contract in their personal file
  • Obey all school rules and regulations as listed in the SCHS folder
  • Continually work towards, or maintain at least a 2.0 GPA
  • Give their best effort on all standardized tests
  • Maintain a good attendance record
  • Pass all classes, and make-up any failed course
  • Complete a Job Shadowing experience
  • Complete an ROP Internship experience in the summer between the junior and senior year, or attend summer school full-time (if necessary), or be employed full-time (if necessary)
  • Attend tutorial when needed or assigned
  • Attend all academy events and wear academy shirt/jacket when required
  • Attend all academy field study trips
  • Graduate "on time" with their class