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Special Services

The following are some of the special services that are made available to Auto Academy students only.  These are some of the reasons that academy students are made to feel like a family.
Academy Tutorial
One of the primary objectives of the academy is to ensure that all academy students perform their academics at the highest level possible for each individual. 
On occasion, students may be assigned to tutorial by an academy teacher.  Students are assigned tutorial because they need extra help...not as punishment for some infraction in a class. When they are assigned tutorial, the students must report for help.  If they do not report, they will be sent to the academy administrator who will assign appropriate consequences. 
Tutorial may also be used as a quiet place to study, do homework, or work on the computer for students not necessarily needing help.  Tutorial is NOT a place to socialize, play computer games or fool around.  Students not obeying the rules for the tutorial will be asked to leave.
Academy Academic Advisor
The SCHS Auto Academy is very fortunate to have an individual that has stepped forward to volunteer to take on extra work for our academy students.  Ms. Kelly Myers is extremely well versed in the academic requirements of the academy and is there to answer students' and parents' questions concerning a variety of topics.  In addition to their SCHS school designated academic advisor, academy students/parents may schedule an appointment with her at any time, especially for matters concerning the academy. His contact email is:
Academy Administrator
The academy is also fortunate to have their own administrator to handle problems concerning participation in the academy and related functions.  Many times when a student is experiencing difficulties in the academy, the individual handling the situation will be the academy administrator.  Mrs. Kelsey Tucker-King is also well versed in the requirements of an academy and its participating students.  Every effort is make by this individual to help the student with their problem and ensure that the students' behavior is in keeping with these requirements.  Her contact email is: