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Academy Graduation Medallion

In accordance with the requirements in SB44, the ATPA provides an opportunity for special recognition to all seniors who graduate on time and complete all Academy requirements.  The special recognition designed and developed by the academy staff for our students is the Academy Graduation Medallion.  The medallion has been approved by the SCHS administration, parents, and staff, and has the full support and approval from the CUSD administration.  The medallion is to be warn around the neck of the qualified academy graduates at their graduation ceremony. The medallion itself is a 2 1/2 " circular replica of the red and black academy logo, with "San Clemente High School", and "Automotive Technology Partnership Academy" in raised gold lettering on the circumference.  The medallion is also engraved with the students' name and graduation date on the back. Academy students will be deemed "qualified" to wear the medallion by completing ALL academy academic requirements as listed below:
  • Maintain a good standing in the academy at all times
  • Graduate "On-Time" with the students' class
  • Graduate with a minimum 2.0 GPA overall
  • Maintain a 90% cumulative full-day attendance factor
  • No outstanding "F" grades
  • Complete a Job Shadowing
  • Complete an Internship
The academy medallions are presented to deserving students at the AUTO ACADEMY AWARDS CEREMONY.  Parents are encouraged to attend.