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Parent Involvement

The AVID Program offers a variety of opportunities for parents to become involved. Parents are the single greatest motivator for children to improve academically, which is why a partnership with parents is integral to the AVID Program's success. Parents show their commitment to the AVID Program by attending the AVID parent workshops and by encouraging and supporting their children throughout the college process. AVID parents are also welcome to become involved in the following activities:
  • Chaperone for fieldtrips to universities and teambuilding events.
  • Help coordinate and or chaperone the Valentine's Dance.
  • Assist with See's Chocolates fundraising efforts by selling chocolates at work or to friends and family.
  • Serve as a guest speaker, speaking about the college experience, a career, or character issues.
  • Help with decorations for various functions.
  • Help with food or refreshments for AVID Site Team Meetings.
  • Attend program functions, for example the AVID Parent Workshops and the AVID Banquet.
Any parent interested in participating may volunteer by emailing or calling the AVID Coordinator Ms. Erin Dollar at / (949) 492-4165.