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Events & Opportunities

Besides academically preparing AVID students to become competitive college candidates, AVID students and parents are able to participate in a number of remarkable events and opportunities that support the collegiate nature of the program. All AVID students and parents are encouraged to attend the AVID Program's university fieldtrips to tour private and public campuses in the area. AVID also invites all students to come to teambuilding events, ranging from bowling to Boomers, which allow AVID students to strengthen their relationships with other college-bound, AVID students. Special events, designed to awaken AVID students to college and career opportunities, might include career and college guest speakers, a job career-shadowing day at Camp Pendleton, or community service activities. AVID students work as a team to fundraise for these activities through hosting an annual SCHS Valentine's Dance and selling See's Chocolates for the holidays.
Furthermore, the AVID Program offers parent workshops, in both English and Spanish, to allow AVID parents to interact and stay up-to-date with the college process. AVID parents and students celebrate the year's successes together at a culminating annual banquet, a time for awards and fun combined with reflection.
All AVID students are encouraged to enter speaking contests for the local Rotary and Lions Clubs, participate in academic programs such as SCHS's Academic Decathlon, participate in academic contests, attend leadership conferences, job fairs, and college fairs, become members of the California Scholarship Federation and the National Honor Society, join clubs on campus, serve community service organizations of choice, become a member of the AVID Student Leadership Team, and participate in extracurricular activities. Breath, depth, contribution, and leadership in these activities empower our AVID students to become educated, responsible leaders as they prepare for college.
AVID students who demonstrate leadership within the program are recommended to attend leadership conferences and camps, for example the National Young Leader's Conference, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Camp, and the Jenna Druck Foundations' Young Women's Spirit of Leadership Conference. Other students who best represent the AVID Program are nominated to receive commendations and scholarships and are given the opportunity to apply for leadership positions on the AVID Student Leadership Team, to hone their skills through organizing and hosting a variety of AVID events and activities.