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Content and Performance Standards

AVID Content Performance Standards

1.0 - Students will develop strategies to identify and fulfill personal and academic goals.
2.0 - Students will develop strategies to ensure academic success in core studies required for entrance into four-year colleges and universities.
3.0 - Students will develop proficiency in Writing to Learn across the curriculum.
4.0 - Students will develop college awareness within a school wide college-going culture so that they have the opportunity to be ready for the application process for a four-year college or university.
5.0 - Students will be proficient in using The Writing Process in core classes in order to write clear, coherent, and focused essays that exhibit awareness of audience and purpose with formal introductions and bodies of supporting evidence and conclusions.
6.0 - Students will develop cross-curricular reading skills.
7.0 - Students will be able to evaluate the content of oral communication and deliver focused, coherent presentations that convey a clear interpretation of ideas and unity in relation to purpose and audience.
8.0 - Students will become proficient in mathematical skills and concepts that will prepare them for rigorous courses required for admission to four-year colleges and universities.