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Reflections from AVID Seniors

Reflections from AVID Seniors

AVID is an adventure that you can't take alone. It is a group of friends working toward a common goal, forming relationships and achieving happiness, not only through personal success, but through the successes of others. AVID is amazing. It is vibrant. It is inviting. It is defined. It is Advancement Via Individual Determination!
-Tyson League
Attending Chapman University

AVID has given me the tools to succeed academically and personally. It has taught me to have balance in my life. AVID has given me confidence and determination to follow my dreams. It has showed me that reaching my goal of going to a four-year university is attainable. Being first-generation, I was scared of what to do after high school, but with AVID, I have a vision in my mind of the successful leader I want to become.

-Yadira Oseguera
Attending SDSU

AVID is a family to me. AVID is the best place for a diverse group of people to come together and see how similar we are. Other than just going to the same school, we have similar goals, likes, and dislikes. AVID is a great program that inspires others to be at their best and to help others be at their best.

-Janet Mendoza
Attending SDSU

AVID is unreal. It has done amazing things for me. It has helped me in school as well as life itself. Mrs. George and Mrs. Buddy are not the quitting type and have instilled that attitude in all of us. They have taught me to set and achieve goals. On top of that, they have taught me about individuality. I honestly don't believe that I would be where I am without them.

-Pratish Patel
Attending UCSB

AVID is a program where we can share opinions about who we are and how we can make ourselves better, not relying on educational expertise by itself, but considering personality, social skills, and dedication on the path to a higher education.

-Eugene Hart
UC Davis

AVID is a program that really prepares you to go to a four-year university. The AVID teachers hold your hand through everything and show you what you must do to get into a four-year university. This program also builds your character and confidence and introduces you to new people and new friendships. AVID makes sure you take all of the right classes, the right tests, and makes sure you do all of your community service hours and get all the financial aid possible.

-Marcela Lopez
Attending Saddleback Community College

AVID for me has been a great opportunity to thrive in a learning environment and to surround myself with goal-oriented individuals such as myself. The wonderful experiences and events that have occurred here have opened me up and somewhat allowed me to show my true self to others with more ease.

-Francisca Rojas
Attending SDSU

AVID has been like a second home because it is a place where I can share my problems and have friends help me, as if they were members of my family, trying to support me through my education.

-Jose Jimenez
Attending Cal State Fullerton

Coming into AVID my junior year, I realized that it was much more than a class for tutorial or keeping my grades in line. I have found that AVID is one of those rare safe places on campus, a place for encouragement and a place that will push you to do your best. This program is a major part of my success in high school, and I will take the ideas and wisdom I have gained from my experiences with me for the rest of my life.

-Vanessa Simonelli
Attending Cal State Northridge

For me AVID has been a support system academically and personally. Because of AVID, I am determined to succeed and attend a four-year university. I have grown as an individual both inside and out and have learned to deal with people in different situations to improve my life.

-Valeria Galvan
Attending Cal State Fullerton

AVID has given me a chance to start over with my life, because I really didn't know how I was going to be successful, until the AVID teachers gave me words of encouragement to think differently. Before I felt that the world was against me. Now I feel great, passionate, and more confident.

-Terence Pae
Attending UCSB

AVID has changed my entire outlook on life. When I first entered AVID, I was confused, scared, and not really sure what I wanted with my life. I was ignorantly bliss until I realized that my life was not as perfect as I felt it was, and something needed to change. Both Mrs. Budde and Mrs. George helped me through hard times when I felt the entire world hit me with its full force. Now, I am a four-year college bound, soon-to-be high school graduate, and I couldn't be happier.

-Brett Lowers
Attending Cal State Fullerton

AVID is a class that helps you focus on the things you want for your life.

-Chris Galvan
Attending Saddleback Community College

AVID to me has been a very strong resource that has given me all of the tools I needed to succeed in school. I will be the first one in my family to graduate from high school and the first to attend college, an accomplishment that has been very challenging for me. Through the AVID Program, I found the support I needed to make my dreams come true.

-Ana Gurrola
Attending Cal State Fullerton

AVID has impacted me because high school seemed so scary to me until I joined AVID. I was worried about tests, college applications, and so many things. AVID has helped make my high school experience so much better and easier.

-Charly Pequet
Attending Saddleback Community College

In hindsight, AVID has been an invaluable experience that changed my life. Before AVID, I was not even considering life after high school, but AVID helped me become more prepared for the future, and I attribute my acceptance to UCI to AVID.

-Alex Boyd
Attending UCI

AVID to me represents opportunity. I can be 100% sure that I would know nothing about college or financial aid or future jobs or the importance of any of these things. And even if I do not go straight to a four-year university, I will remember the knowledge AVID gave me, and when my time comes, I will be more than ready. Also, most of my friends go to other schools, so AVID provides a refuge for me that is full of smiling faces and open arms.

-Kevin Osborne
Attending Saddleback Community College

AVID has helped me achieve my goal of going to college. Without AVID, I wouldn't have had as much support and help to complete my applications and be accepted to the universities I applied to. AVID has also given me invaluable skills that I will need in college. I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to be in AVID, because without it, I don't think that I would have been motivated enough to complete the applications and go to college.

-Cesar Hernandez
Attending Colorado State

AVID has helped me figure out the importance of hard work and perseverance. It has been my second home of friends who have helped me build my confidence.

-Juan Brittos
Attending Saddleback Community College

AVID gives me the passion and determination to excel in whatever I set my mind to. The AVID Program has provided me with guidance throughout my high school career by giving me life-changing advice and support that I will never forget.

-Travis Michelsen
Attending UC Riverside
For me, AVID means security whenever I am having a bad day. I can usually just come into AVID and be alone and just get away from life for a little while.
-Taylor Fuentes
Attending Saddleback Community College

Without the AVID Program, I wouldn't be where I am now. It gave me the support and confidence to meet my goal of attending a four-year university. The AVID program has taught me many things that will help me be successful in my studies in a university, for example, problem solving, Cornell notes, and time management.

-Kathy Bonilla
Attending Cal State Fullerton

AVID has led me to success and achievement and has also helped me feel more confident about myself.

-Gabriela Hernandez
Attending Saddleback Community College