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2024-25 ASB Applications

Frequently Asked Questions:
1.  I have not done ASB or a leadership program I have a chance to make it?  Answer:  While previous experience in leadership is helpful, it is not required.  We are looking for energetic, creative, school spirited students that want their school to be awesome.
2.  What type of students are you looking for in ASB?  Answer:  As previously stated,  we are looking for energetic, creative, school spirited students that want their school to be awesome.  We are also looking for uniquely qualified individuals that have something to offer outside the norm.  It might be an artistic talent, or computer skills, or video production experience, or AV interests.  Something that you are passionate about that sets you apart from your peers.
3.  How do you choose students for ASB?  Answer:  This is not easy. There are two ways.  First, you can run for an elected position.  A few require previous ASB experience (ASB President and Senior Class President) due to the large workload and number of events. Second, you can apply for an appointed position, which requires an interview.  By far the biggest impact will come from that interview.  This is your chance to shine on the spot.  Some have chosen to bring props, others have shown a video or other creation.  There is no right formula other than to show us the most interesting version of yourself that you can in just a few short minutes (we allocate 15 minutes between interviews, but many are shorter depending on the talkativeness and enthusiasm of the applicant).  Also, if you run for an elected position and don't get it, you can still interview for an appointed position.  
4.  How should I prepare to interview for an ASB position?  Answer:  There are many ways but please start with a COMPLETE application.  Yes, it is a lot of work.  But the completed application gives us the background information needed to help make an informed decision.  It also serves as a tie-breaker when applicants score the same on their interviews.  Take it seriously.  Next, think about what needs San Clemente High School has and how your background, talents and experience could help us in some way.  Then market those traits to us in either your application/interview.  Your are welcome to reach out to Mr. Reid or current members of ASB to ask questions.  And finally, please practice your interview.  Our questions are very general...they aren't hard to imagine.  Past questions have included questions like:  What was your favorite school event this year and why?  How would you increase school spirit at San Clemente High School?  How would you suggest we get more involvement from Freshmen in school events?  While these won't be our exact questions (or will they?), you get the idea.  Make up a list of questions and practice answering them with your parents, siblings or friends.  Being able to interview effectively is a skill that you will use many times in the years to come...the time to start getting good at it is now. 
5.  What happens if I don't get accepted to ASB?  Will I still be able to be involved in school?  ANSWER:  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read this!!!  Not all students applying to ASB will make it.  But, there are many students that became invaluable members of ASB that made a lasting impact on our school that didn't make it there first time trying.  Not getting in on your first try does not define you.  Get involved in school (a sport, clubs - start a new one or join others, the arts, etc.).  Homecoming is a large event and offers a great way to get involved.  Join your class half-time show dance.  It is fun.  Go to athletic events and support your fellow Tritons.  No one has ever told me they were bummed that they participated too much but I hear from seniors every year that they wish they would have gotten involved sooner.